Rochberg: Caprice Variations - No.36 Largo: sereno

Rochergtorium: An Orientation
This grouping of sculpture is subject to various interpretations. A “most likely” interpretation will be presented followed by an alternative, though less likely, scenario. Choice is good. However, in spite of what has been previously stated, this alternative interpretation is not to be seen as not having some legitimacy. It is left in the viewer’s hands to make the choice here.
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“I too am a King!” stone 14th century
Marina/Marini head of George Rochberg, 1955, plaster
Large Wooden Head, 19th century
Plaster head, 1935, France
ROK-NOK heads 2nd century B.C. and modern
Roc-Atoner head 1959, plaster
Celtic head 8th century Ireland field stone
Rochimetti head, 1965

Rochbergtorium Note 1
Rochbergtorium Note 2