Five Sculptors

The five sculptors whose works are presented in this exhibition, Peter Agostini (1913-1993), George Spaventa (1918-1978), Jonathan Silver (1937-1992), Bruce Gagnier (b. 1941), and Christopher Cairns (b.1942) all lived and worked in New York City during a seminal period in each artist’s development. Their intersecting circumstances and interconnected experiences created a culture of creative energy, collaboration, and competition. The five formed a guild of sorts, based on a shared aesthetic of working from the figure, informing and influencing one another’s work while forging individual creative paths and lines of inquiry. They are not “figurative” artists in the current parlance, but artists whose subject is the figure. Their shared aesthetic is an extension of late 19th century and early modern European art as represented by Cezanne, Picasso, Braque, Giacometti, and deKooning. Read More
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